love is…

love is abstract;

love is attracted;

love is complained;

love is sit together;

love is chatting in the car;

love is don’t wanna leave each other;

love is missing;

love is a bottle of coffee;

love is care;

love is misunderstand;

love is hands in hands;

love is kiss;

love is making love;

love is trip;

love is hurt;

love is lie;

love is boring;

love is hate;

love is tired;

love is painful;

love is reluctant;

love is quarrel;

love is yelling;

love is suspicious;

love is disloyal;

love is betrayed;

love is tears;

love is nicked-tooth;

love is bullshit…

and love, you has no qualification to say that, ’cause you never know what it is. all you want is just funny, but funny is not equal to love…



if i told you i still love you, would you believe it ??


when i don’t know how to tell you sth. i like say”……”

express my wordless situation…

the point


the point is

i still L*** u…


suddenly i gotta out
as you said:

this is the last words i wanna say


love is good and love is kind
love is drunk and love is blind
love is good and love is mine
love is drunk all the time……

L: life is terrible
O:only you can made everything right
V:voice could be so beautiful when you laughing
E:everything in my heart and brain is you, is you, is you…


i hate marriage, i hate wedding dress, i hate smile, i hate wedding wine, i hate wedding reception, i hate diamond ring, i hate wedding photos, i hate Wedding Vows, i hate wedding Emcee, i hate wedding ceremony, i hate these!!!




You don’t know how sick you make me

you make me fuckin sick to my stomach

every time i think of you i puke

you must just not know you may not think you do but you do

every time i think of you i puke!!!!